Taiwo K. IlesanmiExecutive Director

Leadership is found everywhere; yet, it is not common to all. Influencing others is uniquely connected to context. Thus, effective leaders are students of their environment. Effective leaders of organizations leverage the difficulties of society. However, the challenges are not the same and keep on emerging, therefore, leaders have to constantly understand and know these issues. This requires leaders of organizations to obtain training that will provide them with tools and skills to navigate today’s changing environment.

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These are comments from leaders empowered by LDi’s training and assistance.

We now have a wealth of expertise, knowledge and contacts that will move the organisation to another level. TK has been the kingpin in the entire process. He was the one contacting the identified prospective members, engaged them to join, and ran an orientation training session with them. All this would not have been possible without TK’s input and oversight.



Thank you so much for your skilful facilitation of the Organizational Governance workshop this past weekend in Kampala-Uganda. I was so blessed and inspired by your workshop. God really bless your efforts.


Director of Para-Church Organization-Uganda

The awareness workshop was addressing practical issues and answered questions, which linger in the corridors of many Boardrooms here in Malawi.


Director of Non-Profit Organization-Malawi

“With my many years of serving on many Boards, I must confess. This is my first time attending Board training; the awareness has really helped and it is such an eye-opener for me. I wish LDI would organize more than a one-day seminar in training organizations Directors and their Board members. There is a lot to learn about the roles of Board members.”


Board Member